The courses are all part PhD course programme for Molecular Bacteriology and Infection. The courses are offered as part of the PhD School graduate programmes.  

We encourage all PhD students to take the two infection microbiology courses.

The courses are found in the graduate school course cataloque. The courses are taught by our permanent and very experienced teachers.

Cutting-edge Gene Editing Techniques in Bacteria; CRISPR and TraDIS (September 2019)
Course responsible: Ana Herrero Fresno,

Bioinformatics for microbiologists (November 2019)
Course responsible: Henrik Christensen,

Infection Microbiology: Virulence and Molecular Microbiology (March 2020)
Course responsible: Line Elnif Thomsen,

Infection microbiology: Antimicrobial reistance and bacterial typing (March 2020)
Course responsible: Rikke Heidemann Olsen,

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